How to make good use of industrial internet

2020-07-23 11:59:46 19

The integrated development of "Internet + manufacturing" is the general trend of industrial development, and the industrial Internet battle concerning the future fate of manufacturing enterprises has begun. The battle for the industrial Internet is not a battle between several industrial cloud platform vendors, but the battle for how each manufacturing company faces industry giants, how to grasp its own future digital destiny, is the overwhelming information technology penetration of the manufacturing industry facing Internet companies Self-salvation. Whether it is an active recipient of new technology, or an enterprise that lacks internal and external motivation, or is cautious, the most basic common problem between them and the future of the Industrial Internet is the ability to integrate and apply data. .

The Internet has rapidly entered the mobile era from the desktop era. Now it seems that it has begun to launch a general attack on the traditional manufacturing industry. Before seizing this new position with unlimited potential, all parties on the battlefield will inevitably have to fight and fight first. In recent days, keen financial reporters have reported on front-line dynamics at the junction of technology and manufacturing. Here, the author has carefully selected two articles for everyone: one is a reporter from the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission News Center of the State Council. Shimeng’s "Demystifying China's Industrial Internet Platform INDICS", and the other is "GE Siemens, ABB, Schneider, and Industrial Cloud Platform" by financial reporter Han Shulin. Both of them are senior reporters who have been working in the manufacturing industry for many years. For example, Yuan Shimeng published an article on "GE's Seizing the Industrial Internet" as early as 2013, and then GE launched the world's first industrial cloud Predix in 2014. Both articles are very informative, and it is worthwhile to compare and read to understand the progress and shortcomings of various industrial Internet manufacturers at home and abroad.

According to existing data, although each company claims to have differences, the Predix model that GE pioneered and pioneered the industry is still the mainstream model of the industrial Internet at present and even in the future. People often call Predix an industrial cloud for convenience, but actually miss the very important four words "data analysis". The author believes that the core of Predix is to collect machine data through software, store and analyze it locally or on the cloud, to form business insights and collaboration. Han Shulin explained in the article that Siemens’ Mindsphere, like GE’s Predix, relies on the open-source PaaS platform Cloud Foundry; while the real software part of Schneider’s Ecostruxure is actually data-based applications, analysis and services. The platform battle of the Industrial Internet is fought in the name of "Industrial Cloud", and its essence is the struggle for the right to speak of industry data and data analysis capabilities by the manufacturing industry giants in order to continue to lead in the future.