Sales Manager

2020-07-15 Shanghai Unlimited 8000 - 15000

Minimum Education:  College degree or above

Working years:More than 5 years

Job Responsibilities:

1. Strive to develop the market and complete the established sales target;

2. Responsible for the organization and coordination of project bidding;

3. Do a good job in customer management, track and develop potential customer resources;

4. Possess certain deep digging skills for key customer needs, and certain resource coordination and integration capabilities;

5. Full of pioneering spirit, strong learning and communication skills, adaptability and problem solving skills;

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above; 5 years of sales work experience;

2. Have good market development ability and teamwork spirit, willing to grow together with the company;

3. Good communication and expression skills, strong sense of responsibility, positive and enterprising, able to withstand certain work pressure;

Site weak current engineer

2020-04-15 Shanghai Unlimited 5000-8000

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for equipment testing, installation, debugging and maintenance.

2. Solve technical problems related to equipment.

Job requirements:

1. Technical secondary school degree or above; major in electronic engineering, automation, computer, and mechanical related fields;

2. Proficiency in computer operation and application; strong hands-on ability and the characteristics of bearing hardships and stand hard work;

3. Relevant work experience is preferred;

We provide a competitive basic salary and commission bonus for the project

Technical Support Engineer (Male)

2021-04-15 Shanghai Unlimited 7000-11000

Monthly salary range: 7000-11000 yuan

Minimum education: college degree or above

Working years: more than 2 years

Job Responsibilities:

1. Solve technical problems related to engineering equipment, and have the ability to independently conduct business after training;

2. Cooperate with the commercial department to complete the technical communication of the preliminary project, make technical plans according to customer requirements, assist the business in bidding, be able to design and produce related technical PPT;

3. Participate in project bidding, answering questions and project technical exchanges, etc.;

4. Be able to cooperate with the team to carry out project implementation, on-site management, and have effective communication skills;

Job requirements

1. College degree or above, with weak current intelligence, security, and other related work experience, able to independently complete the design and plan of conventional weak current projects;

2. Familiar with computer operation and application, knowing AUTOCAD drawing, strong communication skills, strong hands-on skills, and a foreign language foundation;

We provide a competitive basic salary and commission bonus for the project

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